Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ponds for Winter!

So I don’t suffer from dry skin but come winter time it gets a tad dry.  I hate when it feels like this!  So I went to Walmart and I saw Ponds Dry Skin Cream.  I was expecting an oily type of cream but I was wrong!  This cream is so smooth and it actually hydrates your skin.  It’s a rich hydrating skin cream.  Deep hydration for smooth, soft radiant skin.  Its suitable for sensitive skin and it wont clog your pores.  I’ve used it for about a week now and I havent had any breakouts or red skin or anything bad.  So if you have normal skin and are looking for  a hydrating cream during winter, try this out!  You can find it any drug store.  I got mines at Walmart for about $7.  Let me know what you think!
- Aime TTM

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lets go jewelry shopping!

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about this beautiful handmade jewelry by Allure Jewels By CC.  Every piece is handmade and unique.  She uses all kinds of precious stones.  Her jewelry is just amazing and beautiful.  The prices range depending on the item and the stones used.  Remember, these are individually handmade with tender, love and care so you will get pieces that will last a long time because of the time spent on them and the detail used while making each piece of jewelry.  See some of the pictures below made by CC.

Beautiful, right?  Visit her on facebook at and her Etsy page at  Use coupon code TWN10OFF for a 10% discount!  There is also free shipping on all orders over $50.  Hope you see something you like for yourself or for someone special ;-)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Emjoi Light Caress epilator

Hello ladies.  So, I recently purchased the Emjoi Light Caress Epilator Rechargeable & Cordless (the red/burgundy one)...about a month ago.  It is basically a machine with a whole bunch of tweezers taking hair from the root.  There are different kinds that sells.  I have heard about epilators and have been wanting to try them.  But most recently, my friend let me try her "torture hair remover" from emjoi.  She said it to scare me but when I tried it on my legs, it wasnt too bad!  It was actually addicting.  lol.  So I had to get one of my own.  Watch my video for a live review :-)

HAPPY NEWS!  The black friday sale has already started on beautychoice!  For 20% off, use coupon code TURKEY!  If you catch this after black friday, you can use coupon code EMJALLHDAY for any emjoi epilator until 12/31/10 for 5% off!  Click here for to see the epilators.  Remember about free shipping until the end of the year.  Happy shopping!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Contest – Times a-ticking…

Hi Ladies!  You still have time to enter the Amazing Cosmetics contest.  It runs till November 22.  To refresh your memory, the winner will be receiving awesome makeup goodies!!  Don’t miss out on this.  Check out our post that was posted on 10/29/10 to see what you need to do to win.  Happy entering! :)   


Friday, November 12, 2010

Enzo Milano - A clipless iron

Hi girls!  Aime here talking about one of the best clipless curling irons out there.  The Enzo Milano. They come in different sizes but I personally like the 1 inch.  It doesn’t do tight curls.  It gives your hair nice waves.  I use it to get that Kardashian look I love so much.  It only takes me about 10 minutes to do all my hair.  Its different to use than a regular clipped curling iron since this one is clipless.  

Specifics about the iron:
100% ceramic, maximizing the penetration of negative ions while avoiding damage to the hair. Utilizing both the heating element along with the negative ions, Enzo's curls are meant to last up to 10 times longer than any regular curling iron. It heats up to 160 C / 320 F.  

A look using this iron. 

Oh!  almost forgot.  you can purchase it by clicking here!  We found a coupon for all enzo milanos hair tools!  At checkout, put code  ENZO5HDAY for 5% off.  It expires 12/31/10.  Also enjoy free shipping till January 2, 2011.  Awesome huh?  

Talk to you later!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My favorite eye cream

My fave eye cream by far is the Clinique All about eyes eye cream.  

This is the description:
What it is: A lightweight eye cream that diminishes the appearance of eye puffiness, darkness, and fine lines.

What it is formulated to do:
This cream-gel formulation brightens dark circles and sends puffs packing while actually helping to hold eye makeup in place. For use morning and night, both under eyes and on lids.

What else you need to know: This product is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for all skin types.

I love this product.  I've been using it for more than a year now and I'm hooked.  I did try the Rich formula but didnt like it as much as the original.  I suffer from bags under my eyes and this HAS decreased the appearance of puffiness and darkness.  Now, I am NOT saying
it eliminated it completely because, I gotta face it, it's hereditary in my case. :(

If you are in need of a great eye cream, you need to give this a try.  It is so creamy and my eyes always feel hydrated after using.  I also use it right before putting on my AmazingCosmetics concealer and it works perfectly well. It's smooth, creamy, stays on and actually FEELS like it's going to work and doing it's job right away.  There are two sizes:  $28.50 for a 0.5 oz jar and $47 for a 1 oz bottle (which is great because you save $10 if you get the 1-oz jar!).  You can get it
 by clicking here!
If you have tried this or will try it, let us know how you like it below!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Want more cute hairstyles?

We have been subscribed to this wonderful youtuber called angelxmake.  She has medium length hair and does the most cutest hairstyles...and very simple to do!  I've personally tried her Simple Double Bun Updo Tutorial ( (  Everyone gave me compliments on it and it did not budge on a windy day! 
See below for one of her latest tutorials.  I'm definitely going to try this one out!  Simple, fast and so cute.


Subscribe to her channel at

Hope you enjoy watching her videos...I always do.


Friday, October 29, 2010

AmazingCosmetics contest!

AmazingCosmetics is hosting a contest for all you lovely ladies!  There are two ways to enter. 

The first way is to comment ON OUR VIDEO (not here) why you would like to try AC, what you like about AC if you’ve tried it yet and/or what you would like to try from their cosmetic line.  The winner will win an Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder in their shade.  You will need to tell us your shade if you win.  IF you have Sephora by you, it’d be best to go there and find your shade or go on and see which on you think would be your shade.

The second way to enter is by visiting your local Sephora that carries AmazingCosmetics Powders. Have a Sephora Cast Member match you to your shade of AmazingCosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder and take a picture of yourself getting matched. Post that picture on the wall of AmazingCosmetics Facebook Fan Page (!/pages/Amazing-Cosmetics/45043163829 ) with your email address, shade name and the name of the expert that you heard about the contest  (which is us!). The winner will receive, 1 Anti-Aging Face Primer, 1 Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder in their shade, 1 Powderset and 1 Kabuki Brush. If you need more information go to their blog at
 You will see a list that carries their powders.

ALSO, If you don’t live near a Sephora store that stocks AmazingCosmetics, you can enter to win a pressed powder and mini kabuki brush by simply posting a comment on sephora's blog at !

Arent these prizes amazing?  Watch our video below for the review of this fabulous powder.


Hope a lot of you enter!  Good luck!    


Thursday, October 28, 2010

A classy hairstyle idea!

Hello ladies.  We uploaded a video yesterday on this beautiful hairstyle.  It is a very elegant classy hairstyle.  It would be great for a bride or bridesmaids.  Plus, it is super simple and easy to do!  Watch it below:


Let us know what you think and post pictures if you can if you try this hairstyle out.  We want to see how great it looks on you ladies as well.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about eye makeup removers

Sometimes at night when you are ready to go to bed, you just want to go to sleep and not spend time taking your makeup off and washing your face but we have to make this into a daily routine since we all know that makeup that stays on for a long time can cause acne, premature aging and even eye infections, sties, irritation, etc.  That is why we all need a good makeup remover.

Today, lets talk about eye makeup removers in particular.  I’ve tried a couple of different eye makeup removers.  Keep in mind, I always use waterproof mascara and long lasting eyeliner.

1 - Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover has been my ultimate favorite for years now.  It takes off even waterproof mascara with ease.  It is super gentle.  It sells for $15 for a 3.75 fl. oz.  You can get it on or through an independent consultant.   If you dont have a consultant and want to order online, get it through our consultant at !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Hair .... To be or Not to be

Hi Ladies! Todays topic will be about black hair.  I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 18 years old.  My first dye was highlights.  After that, I found love in black hair!  Since then I’ve dyed my hair black with permanent dye and through the years ive found out some pros and cons.  If you’re thinking about whether to go black or not, this will definitely help you out :)  

Makes your hair look very healthy and shiny.  I used to get compliments all the time about this. 
Looks beautiful in pictures! 

The only ONLY Con:
Black is the most difficult color to try to take off.  The only way to do it is to go a very good hair colorist but can be damaging to your hair. 

My experience: 
There came a time when I wanted to dye my hair light again just to change it up a little bit.  Little did I know that it was going to be a long tough process.  I went to my hairdresser and she had to do highlights on my hair about 2 times before it actually started lightening up.  Funny thing is that the top of my hair grabbed the highlights but towards the ends of my hair it was still black!  I had to go back several times to try to take the black out.  My hair later on was light again but I gave in and a few months later I dyed it back to black.  I just love it!!  Ive done this process several times but I always seem to want to go dark again.  Now, my hair is brown not black :(   Since I’m getting married I prefer to have it lighter than just simply black even though I think its beautiful.  What do you girls think?  Tell us your stories. 


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Got curly hair?

Ok, so we have gotten A LOT of questions about curly hair.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been to give you good tips on curly hair since we don’t have curly hair and don’t know the misfortunes all you lovely curly haired ladies go through.  We wish we had curly hair though!  

We have good news!  We found a beautiful guru called Nikki.  She has the most amazing long curly hair.  She is the perfect person to give advice on it.  She made a video on how she takes care of it!  Watch the video below to see her secrets and tips!

Don’t forget to subscribe to her and follow her blog.  She is amazing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello world!  So we (Aime and Denise) have opened up this blog to talk everything makeup, hair and other stuff we want to share with all of you. 

To our youtube subscribers:  Thank you so much for the support you have given us.  We know we are not professionals but we love all this beauty stuff that we just have to share! 

If any of you have great ideas about makeup or hair that you would like to share with us, please comment below!  Also comment on what you would like to see on this blog.  Dont forget to follow this blog!

Thanks again for your support!
The twins