Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about eye makeup removers

Sometimes at night when you are ready to go to bed, you just want to go to sleep and not spend time taking your makeup off and washing your face but we have to make this into a daily routine since we all know that makeup that stays on for a long time can cause acne, premature aging and even eye infections, sties, irritation, etc.  That is why we all need a good makeup remover.

Today, lets talk about eye makeup removers in particular.  I’ve tried a couple of different eye makeup removers.  Keep in mind, I always use waterproof mascara and long lasting eyeliner.

1 - Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover has been my ultimate favorite for years now.  It takes off even waterproof mascara with ease.  It is super gentle.  It sells for $15 for a 3.75 fl. oz.  You can get it on marykay.com or through an independent consultant.   If you dont have a consultant and want to order online, get it through our consultant at www.marykay.com/gdoreste !

2 – Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips.  The first time I tried this eye makeup remover, I fell in love.  It is an amazing product.  The price is not so amazing.  It sells for $17.50 anywhere Clinique is sold like department stores or Sephora at http://tinyurl.com/33kd7lz for a 4.2 fl. Oz bottle which I guess is not too bad since it truly is a great product.  I never had raccoon eyes the next morning. 

3 – Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.  This is a pretty good product.  I’ve read many reviews and seen many reviews on YouTube and they were mostly all positive.  This is the makeup remover I have been using for at least a year.  It is sold at drugstores and costs $6-$7 a bottle for a 5.5 fl. oz. bottle.  One of the reasons I kept buying this one is because it is easily accessible and most affordable.  It is gentle, removes waterproof mascara and there is no oily residue.  However, I always have raccoon eyes the next morning and need to go back with a little more remover to get it off.  BUT, overall, for the price, it is a good product.

4 – Extra-Virgin Olive Oil…yes olive oil.  I have been using olive oil on and off to take off my makeup in general here and there but I recently ran out of my Neutrogena one and to be honest, I have just been lazy to go grab myself one at the drugstore or have just forgotten to get one.  I have been using olive oil for the past 3 weeks and I love love love it. It does not clog your pores and conditions your lashes.  I love using it because it is much less expensive than any other remover and it does the job perfectly!  I also use it for my face to take off my foundation with a cotton ball.


So that is my take on eye makeup removers.  These are all great in their own way.  I recommend them all so its up to you to choose which one works best for you and remember to take all your makeup off before you go to sleep to keep your beautiful face looking great!  Let us know what your favorite eye makeup remover is below.


Denise - TTM


  1. Yay you guys have a blog! OMG i have been MIA for so long, school is intense!

    I also have been using the oiliv oil to remove my eye makeup lol, i started because i ran out of my regular remover and was too lazy to go get one, and still am, but i did notice my lashes are so much more glossier and conditioned...i migh stick to it for a while now!


  2. hey! i could imagine! isnt olive oil amazing? and you can use it for practically everything.