Friday, October 22, 2010

Black Hair .... To be or Not to be

Hi Ladies! Todays topic will be about black hair.  I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 18 years old.  My first dye was highlights.  After that, I found love in black hair!  Since then I’ve dyed my hair black with permanent dye and through the years ive found out some pros and cons.  If you’re thinking about whether to go black or not, this will definitely help you out :)  

Makes your hair look very healthy and shiny.  I used to get compliments all the time about this. 
Looks beautiful in pictures! 

The only ONLY Con:
Black is the most difficult color to try to take off.  The only way to do it is to go a very good hair colorist but can be damaging to your hair. 

My experience: 
There came a time when I wanted to dye my hair light again just to change it up a little bit.  Little did I know that it was going to be a long tough process.  I went to my hairdresser and she had to do highlights on my hair about 2 times before it actually started lightening up.  Funny thing is that the top of my hair grabbed the highlights but towards the ends of my hair it was still black!  I had to go back several times to try to take the black out.  My hair later on was light again but I gave in and a few months later I dyed it back to black.  I just love it!!  Ive done this process several times but I always seem to want to go dark again.  Now, my hair is brown not black :(   Since I’m getting married I prefer to have it lighter than just simply black even though I think its beautiful.  What do you girls think?  Tell us your stories. 



  1. I have to agree with you about the black hair. I dyed my hair black again and people say that my hair looks shiny and healthy. But, I love Denise hair color(thinking of getting that color). You are a beautiful person so what ever hair color you choose,I am sure it will look great on you =)

    PS:CONGRATS on getting Married:-)

  2. I also dye my hair black all the time, it makes my hair shiny and does not get damaged as when I have dyed it lighter in the past. What hair color do you suggest? I've been using colorsilk but I feel like it fades quickly.

  3. Es cierto, el color negro en el cabello lo hace ver saludable y shiny. Pero sí da mucho trabajo cuando deseas cambiar de color. Yo hace unos años atrás me pintaba el pelo de negro y luego quize cambiarlo a rojo, y nunca pude conseguir el tono que me gustaba. Solo cogia algo de color en el crecimiento del pelo, el resto se quedaba igualito en color.

  4. @ alvinagarica – Thanks! I’m so excited! Dee’s hair is like a like auburn type color. she used to color it red but as it faded, it turned the color she has now. its soo pretty!

    @ Kafelyn – I absolutely love black hair but I recently started dying it just a regular brown. I like chocolate brown but ive yet to find a good boxed hair color that is perfect. The one I like most are Loreal Feria colors. Try one of those out! :)

    @ Michelle – Es verdad que el color negro es bello y elegante. Creo que a todas nos ha pasado igual. Lo mejor sería dejar que nuestro pelo crezca y después teñirlo… pero somos mujeres! Y nosotras siempre queremos hacernos algo en el pelo. Jaja. <3